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Dive master

Become a professional diver

Divemaster training is the first level of vocational training. You will work closely with an instructor (mentor role), to refine your skills of buoyancy, and in order to improve your rescue techniques to anticipate and easily solve basic problems. You will gain new knowledge in diving, management, and supervision, to become a model for divers around the world.

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be a rescue diver

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1 month or more

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55000 php

  • Having more than 18 years of age

  • Be certified Advanced Open Water

  • Be certified Rescue Diver

  • Have the EFR (- 2 years)

  • Have a signed medical declaration ( - 1 year)

  • Have 40 dives to start the training

  • Get 60 dives during the training to be certified


  • Theory of diving

  • Role and characteristics of a good divemaster

  • Diving profession and your career

  • Diver Safety, Risk Management

  • Knowledge of the environment and diving equipment

  • Emergency Response Plan

Dive Master theory book Anda Scuba Diving


Skills workshop
  • Water skills exercises (400 meters swimming, towing, etc.)

  • Diving skills workshops

  • Practical skills (mapping, briefing, organizing a dive, etc.)

Dive Master pool Anda Scuba Diving


Dive master role
  • Assist instructors during training

  • Guide divers (organize and manage a dive)

  • Lead an upgrade program

Dive Master guide Anda Scuba Diving
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