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Thanks to the location of the dive center, we have very easy access (between 5 and 10 min by boat) to many dive sites. The dive is done from our boat and mainly by drifting, which means that we dive along the wall following the current. We do the surface intervals at the dive center.

We organize dive trips to different sites. The topography of the dive site may vary. However, we often find a shallow plateau (around 5 meters) rich in corals and a drop-off up to 30 meters. Between the marine sanctuary, cave, coral reef and the sandy slopes, there is an abundant underwater marine life and you can observe different «macro» species like shrimps, nudibranches, crabs, frogfishes, green and hawksbill turtles and sometimes rare species like the pygmy seahorse.

Dive site map
Pygmy seahorse
frog fish

typical day

at the dive center

Sunrise Anda Scuba Diving


Anda Scuba Diving Reef


Boat Anda Scuba Diving


Sunset in Anda Scuba Diving


We offer 4 diving trips per day: 8am, 10am, 2pm and 5.30pm for night dive.

We prepare your dive equipment and transport it on our boat. Before each departure, your guide gives you a briefing about the dive site and the dive itself. Already equipped with your suit, weight belt, mask and fins you are ready to embark on our boat to join the captain. No sooner you wear your scuba than you will already be on the site ready to enjoy an incredible dive. 

At the end of each dive, the boat returns to the dive center to make a surface interval of one hour. You can then relax on our hammocks and swings, hydrate with  tea , coffee or a fresh coconut and discuss with your guide about the underwater species observed.

For a night dive, come to the dive center at 5:30pm for a departure around 6pm. After preparing your equipment and conducting a briefing, your guide will show you the species richness that can be observed on our «House Reef» site at night.

Our schedule is flexible, but remember to book your dive the day before.

Snorkelers are welcome according to the availability on the divers' boat.

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