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Polyps detail
Polyps detail

coral propagation

Concerned about the protection of the environment, we have embarked on an exciting project since September 2019: the propagation of coral, or how to become a coral gardener with the organization Ocean Quest Global and Sea Shepherd Dive.

This adventure leads us to train all those who wish to plant coral with a natural method and a simple and unique process. The development of a coral nursery represents a real action in which everyone can participate to preserve the coral reefs.


Novembre 2019

Collage of our first cutting which is about 1 cm long.


Décembre 2019

1 month later the cutting has grown by 1 cm and measures 2.5 cm.

03-Bouture07 fevrier2020.JPG

Février 2020

3 months later the calcification is made on the substrate and the cutting develops. It is more than 3 cm.


Mars 2020

4 months, here is a baby coral which is in good health and which continues to grow.

Construction d'une Nursery sur House Reef

Construction d'une Nursery sur House Reef

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oceAnquest global

Founded in Malaysia in 2010 by Anuar Abdullah, diver, artist and oceanographer, Ocean Quest Global is an environmental organization active in 7 countries across Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. Anuar spent most of his life studying Malaysian corals and reefs, their behaviours and life cycles, in order to conduct his own research.

After years of observation and investigation, the organization was able to create its own techniques, methodologies and materials for coral reef rehabilitation, based on the idea that coral can be restored on a large scale, in a natural and non-invasive manner.

Indeed, there are several methods of coral propagation in the world, many of which use questionable supports, including metal grids, PVC pipes, leather and even electrolysis.

Nursery licong coral propagation anda scuba diving
₱ 15.000


coral propagation

Become a coral gardener

2 days  

  • Theory

  • 2 dives  

  • Certification

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